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An Analysis of Where American Companies Report Profits: Indications of Profit Shifting Political-Economic Perspective   
And now for a world government $ Political-Economic Perspective; Geo-Politics   
Carbon Capture and Sequestration: Research, Development, and Demonstration at the U.S. Department of Energy Technology; Futures Useful overview   
China, Internet Freedom, and US policy Political-Economic Perspective; Geo-politics CRS Report July 2012  
China's Banking System Political-Economic Perspective; China   
China’s Economic Conditions Political-Economy; China Useful overview of China's economy 7 March 2013 
China’s Political Institutions and Leaders in Charts  Political-Economic Perspective; China very useful overview of China's constitution and power structure ... 20 November 2013 
Cosmopolitanism Social-Cultural Perspective   
Emerging Markets Come of Age Political-Economic Perspective; Global Economy   
Europe, the International System and a Generational Shift Political-Economic Perspective; Geo-politics Examination of the tension between elites and publics re. EUrope as a union of nations or something beyond nationalism.  
Financial Markets, Politics and the New Reality Political-Economic Perspective Useful article on the shifting relations between political and market power  
Flexible Citizenship for a Global Society $ Social-Cultural Perspective; Global Citizenship   
Globalization Conceptual Perspective   
Globalization and Governance Political-Economic Perspective; 'Neorealist' approach by Kenneth N. Waltz   
Globalization, earnings and consumer prices: taking stock of the benefits from global economic integration Political-Economic Perspective; Global Economy   
Global Metro Monitor 2011-12 Social-Cultural; Trans-Urban worlds Brookings Institute Report  
Measurement of Human Behavior: Creating a Society for Discovering Opportunities Power; Soft Totalitarianism; 'Happiness' politics & economics "Although 'surveillance' is the image many people may bring to mind when they think of behavioral measurement, it is in fact a disruptive technology that helps people find new knowledge opportunities, grow, create, and manage their lives both at work and at life."  
Mixed Blessings: globalization and culture as hybrid discourses Social-Cultural Perspective   
Mobile Urbanism: Cities and Policymaking in the Global Age Social-Cultural Perspective; Transurban Worlds Academic papers on globalization and urban politics  
Nemu Yumemi – New Generation Cultural Icon Linking Akihabara and Harajuku Social-Cultural Perspective; Cathexis Culture, Trans-Urban Worlds Interview with Nemu Yumeni re. '(w)otaku' culture ...  
Rising Economic Powers and the Global Economy: Trends and Issues for Congress Political-Economic Perspective   
Social Media and Ethics Social-Cultural Perspective Philosophical analysis of the use of social media  
Sovereign Debt in Advanced Economies Political-Economic Perspective Useful overview of sovereign debt from 2008  
Super Trendy Shop Assistants in TOKYO!  Socio-Cultural Perspective; Cathexis Culture, Trans-Urban Worlds NHK's Kawaii International episode 4 on shop assistants in Tokyo who are also idols ...  
The Crisis of Europe and European Nationalism Political-Economic Perspective; EU; Europe   
The European Union: Questions and Answers Political-Economic Perspective: Post-National Constellations Examination of the EU from the perspective of US interests  
The Eurozone Crisis Political-Economic Perspective Analysis of the eurozone crisis as of March 2012  
The Future of The Eurozone and US Interests Political-Economic Perspective Useful background information on development of the €urozone  
The Geo-Politics of The United States, Part 1: The Inevitable Empire Political-Economic Perspective; Geo-Politics; Geography   
The long view on China, political Islam and American power $ Political-Economic Perspective; Geo-Politics   
The Metropolitan Moment Social-Cultural Perspective; Cities   
The Network Paradigm: Social Formations in the Age of Information Conceptual Perspective Review of Castells 'Information Age' trilogy  
The Renminbi: The Political Economy of a Currency Political-Economic Perspective; Currency; China; Geo-Politics   
Tips and Challenges to suceed in JAPAN Socio-Cultural Perspective; Cathexis Culture, Trans-Urban Worlds NHK's Kawaii Internantional episode 3 on non-Japanese kawaii enthusiasts ...  
Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) Countries: Comparative Trade and Economic Analysis Political-Economic Perspective Useful statistical data re. Trans-Pacific Partnership economies  
Unable to conform, unwilling to rebel? youth, culture, and motivation in globalizing japan Social-Cultural Perspective; Cathexis Culture; Psycho-social factors in globalization   
Understanding China’s Political System Political-Economic Perspective; China   
Unlocking the potential of emerging-market cities Trans-urban worlds McKinsey research on the growing economic significance of cities ...  
Urban Worlds: Cities and the rise of the consuming class Trans-urban worlds McKinsey Global Institute Report  
U.S. International Investment Agreements Political-Economic Perspective; Bi-lateral Agreements  2 May 2013 
U.S. Trade and Investment in the Middle East and North Africa Political-Economic Perspective: US - Middle East Useful data on Middle East - North African economies  
What is Business Microscope? Power; 'Happiness' Politics & Economics; Soft Totalitarianism   
When Cities Rule The World Social-Cultural Perspective   
World Government Political-Economic Perspective   
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